Grants & Contracts Administration


The Public Health Sciences grants office provides oversight and support for all sponsored projects.  The support provided includes:

  • Proposal preparation support, review prior to institutional review and endorsement
  • Information and interpretation of sponsor and University policies and regulations to assist with account management
  • Conflict of interest/conflict of commitment compliance and monitoring
  • Data Use Agreement and Material Transfer Agreement support
  • Financial account creation, management, analysis, and reporting



Requests for grant proposal-related information should be sent to:


Examples Include:

Departmental Salary Information

Requests for current/future salary information for a member of the Department of Public Health Sciences must be obtained during proposal preparation.

Biosketch or Other Support Information

Requests for NIH biosketches or Other Support information for progress reports and similar purposes can be obtained.  

Departmental Concurrence

The issuing of any grant proposal related information is NOT equivalent to obtaining departmental concurrence. In order for a member of the Department of Public Health Sciences to participate in a grant submission, whether a new proposal or resubmission of a previous proposal, chairman approval is required.