Kao-Ping Chua, MD, PhD

As a practicing pediatrician with doctoral training in health policy, Dr. Chua combines rigorous methodology with a clinical perspective to address important health policy issues that affect the health and health care of children and young adults.  He has published on the health effects of insurance coverage changes among adolescents and young adults, overuse of health care, and national health care reform.  He is currently conducting research on the quality of health care delivered to children and young adults, particularly vulnerable low-income populations covered by Medicaid.

  • Value of health care
  • Underserved populations
  • Access to care
  • National health care reform
  • Health care expenditures
  • PhD (Health Policy), 2015, Harvard University
  • MD, 2007, Washington University in St. Louis
  • BS (Neuroscience), 2002, Vanderbilt University
  • Chua KP, Gordon MB, Sectish TC, Landrigan CP. Effects of a night team system on resident sleep and work hours. Pediatrics. 2011;128(6):1142-1147.
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  • Chua KP, Neuman MI, McWilliams JM, Aronson PL. Association between clinical outcomes and hospital guidelines for cerebrospinal fluid testing in febrile infants 29-56 days of age. J Pediatr 2015; 167:1340-1346.e9.