James Dignam, PhD


  • Multi-center cancer clinical trial design and conduct. Deputy Group Statistician for the NRG Oncology National Clinical Trials Network Group 
  • Influence of racial/ethnic background and lifestyle factors on cancer prognosis
  • Competing risks and multiple endpoints in survival analysis


  • Ph.D. (biostatistics), 1994 University of Pittsburgh
  • M.S. (biostatistics), 1990 University of Pittsburgh
  • B.A., (mathematics), 1986 Saint Xavier College



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Race/Ethnicity and Cancer Outcomes

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Obesity and Cancer Outcomes

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Cancer Clinical Research

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  • PBHS 32100 - Introduction to Biostatistics
  • PBHS 32400 - Applied Regression Analysis
  • PBHS 32901 – Introduction to Clinical Trials
  • PBHS 33100 - Applied Survival Analysis