Fan Yang, PhD


Fan Yang’s primary research focus is causal inference. She develops statistical methods to analyze experiments and observational studies that are motivated by real life problems, such as missing data in observational studies, censoring by death, the validity of instrumental variables, mediation, etc. Her ongoing methodological research includes: (1) sharpening the inference on treatment effect on long term outcomes censored by death, (2) estimating the causal hazard ratio in observational studies using instrumental variable method, and (3) gene mediation analysis.


  • PhD (Applied Mathematics and Computational Science), 2014, University of Pennsylvania
  • BS (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics), 2009, Zhejiang University, China


  • Yang, F. and Small, D. S.  In press. Using post-quality of life measurement information in censoring by death problems. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B.
  • Yang, F., Zubizarreta, J. R., Small, D. S., Lorch, S.A., and Rosenbaum, P.R. (2014). Dissonant conclusions when testing the validity of an instrumental variable. The American Statistician, 68, 253-263.
  • Yang, F., Lorch, S. A. and Small, D. S. (2014). Estimation of causal effects using instrumental variables with nonignorable missing covariates: application to effect of type of delivery NICU on premature infants. Annals of Applied Statistics, 8, 48-73.