Fabrice Smieliauskas, PhD


Fabrice is a health economist and health services researcher who studies biomedical technologies, with a focus on three technologies in particular: precision cancer therapies, lung cancer screening, and orthopedic devices. One of his main research themes is the use of these classes of technologies and the value they provide to the health care system. A second theme is identifying systematic ways that three phases of technological change -- basic biological science, the development of new technologies, and use of technologies in the health care system – influence one another to accelerate or reduce translation of science to real-world clinical practice. These findings can serve to optimize the translational research enterprise.

Fabrice is co-Chair of the Cancer Policy and Outcomes Workgroup in the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Chicago (http://cancerpolicy.uchicago.edu/), and teaches the core course of the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy while serving on its Advisory Board.


  • PhD (Health Policy), 2011, Harvard University
  • MA (Economics), 2001, University of Toronto - Toronto, Canada
  • BS (Mathematics and Economics), 2000, University of Toronto - Toronto, Canada



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