Dezheng Huo, MD, PhD


Dr. Huo's research interests focus on the genetic, molecular, and environmental factors underlying differences in etiology, prognosis, and treatment of cancers, particularly as they relate to breast cancer in underserved populations. Although Dr. Huo works on research of other cancer types, most of his ongoing projects are related to breast cancer, including: 1) a replication and fine-mapping study of breast cancer susceptibility loci in women of African ancestry; 2) a genome-wide association study of breast cancer in women of African ancestry in order to identify novel common genetic variants; 3) a whole-genome sequencing study of breast cancer in order to identify moderate-penetrance of novel genetic variants; 4) molecular epidemiologic studies on microRNA in breast cancer detection and prognosis; and 5) systemic investigations of treatment utilization and health disparity in breast cancer patients using national databases.

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  • Ph.D. (Epidemiology) 2005, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • M.S. (Biostatistics) 2001, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • M.S. (Epidemiology) 1997, Beijing Medical University
  • M.D. (Preventive Medicine) 1994, Beijing Medical University


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  • HSTD 40500 - Advanced Epidemiologic Methods 
  • HSTD 30701 - Epidemiologic Methods