Brian Chiu, PhD


  • Cancer etiology and prevention
  • Epidemiologic and molecular studies of hematopoietic cancers, particularly lymphoma and multiple myeloma
  • Environment and lifestyle
  • Racial/ethnic disparities in incidence and survival of hematopoietic cancers


Dr. Chiu's major research interests are the interplay between diet and other lifestyle characteristics, environmental exposures, and genetic factors in the development and outcome of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and multiple myeloma, and exploiting this information in cancer prevention in the population. His current research projects involves integrating epidemiological data with cytogenetic and molecular markers to identify risk factors for NHL among 1,400 NHL cases and 3,200 population-based controls; a prognostic cohort of 772 NHL patients to investigate the influence of lifestyle and host-, tumor-, and treatment-related factors on survival; and evaluating racial/ethnic disparities in the incidence and survival of hematopoietic cancers. Dr. Chiu is a member of the International Lymphoma Epidemiology Consortium (InterLymph) and International Multiple Myeloma Consortium to study risk factors for NHL and multiple myeloma. He is also collaborating with the US National Cancer Institute and a group of international investigators in a multi-center case-control study of lymphoid neoplasms in Eastern Asia.


  • PhD (Epidemiology), 1997, University of Iowa
  • MS (Nutrition), 1992, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • BS (Food Science), 1986, National Pingtung Institute of Agriculture, Taiwan


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